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TempusVendere uses advanced analytics to aid seasoned investors in reducing risks, improving long-run returns, and supporting peace-of-mind.


There is a time to buy into equities and a time to sell.

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Why Tempusvendere?

What We Provide

TempusVendere provides seasoned investors with information on the relative risks and opportunities in holding equities as an investment class during the business cycle through an online newsletter and forum available exclusively to its subscribers.

Seasoned investors who have experienced significant and painful swings in the market recognize that "buy and hold for the long run" exposes them to unacceptable risks.


Using advanced analytics, TempusVendere assesses when equity markets are being riskier versus times when the risk/reward profile is becoming more or less favorable.

TempusVendere provides its readers with three insights:

  • Is now a good time to own equities? CONDITION GREEN

  • Is the market signaling that alertness is in order either because a) equity markets are deteriorating and you may want to lighten your equity mix or b) equity markets are improving and you may want to be prepared to increase your equity mix. CONDITION YELLOW

  • Are equity market conditions rapidly deteriorating and likely to continue this way?  CONDITION RED

Common wisdom...

... is that buying and holding a diversified portfolio for some undefined “long run” is the best strategy for all investors all of the time.

... says you can’t “time the market” so you should just endure the swings.

... says that limiting your exposure to equities even for a while will hurt your expected returns.

.. may just be plain wrong.

You may be able to achieve better long-run returns, sleep better, and avoid that sinking feeling that you’ve been had once again by the market with better insights from TempusVendere.

about the chief analyst

  After a 47 career in data analysis, with nine years as an economics consultant in the corporate and finance sectors, 12 years as a technology industry analyst, and 26 years as founder and president of technology and consumer research firm , he recognized the American dream and sold his business.

  With proceeds in hand, he sought investment advice from the leading financial firms in the land with the primary objective in mind of not watching his hard-earned capital decline immediately in an increasingly volatile stock market. As an equities investor since he was 26, he had experienced the gut-wrenching swings of multiple bear markets. His investment horizon was now shorter than when he started 40+ years ago and his desire not to go through a major decline again was top of mind.


  He could not find the information he wanted to help him in his decision making. He recognized investment strategy was ultimately his responsibility and he was just looking for some insight on relative risks and opportunities in the equities market over the next 12-24 months. All he could get were the familiar platitudes:” No one can time the market, we’re all in this for the long run, and we must look over the valley”.


  So he decided after hearing that speech one-too-many times to create what he was seeking, what no one would provide for him. He created TempusVendere (Time to Sell).

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